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Selecting a DJ
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Things to Consider

Choosing a DJ for your event is an important decision. Everything else can be perfect, but if the music
is not great, then the party will be bland and probably end early. Selecting the right DJ can be confusing.
There are many to choose from, all telling you they will do a great job.
So how do you pick a DJ just right for your event ?
If you have been to a wedding, anniversary, private party, school dance, or other event where the
entertainment was great, find out who the DJ was and book them. If you have not seen a good DJ
recently, ask your friends and work associates for a good reference. Another way to find the right
DJ for your event is the web.
We've all heard the nightmare stories about the DJ being late or not showing up, never speaking to the
audience, playing innappropriate music or having an equipment failure, or ending the party prematurely!
Obviously, you want to avoid these problems.  

After finding several DJs that you like, how do you tell which one is best? Remember, you want to
choose the one that best fits what you want at your event and has a fair price.

It is also important to create a rapport with the DJ. Pay attention to their manner of speaking and
attitude, their personality tends to spill over into their DJ style. How are they at returning phone calls?
Are they willing to meet with you in person, and for a wedding reception two or more in-person
meetings will be needed. Were they prompt in sending the information you requested?  If you have
that "feeling" in your gut a particular DJ service is not right for your event, trust your instincts
and move on to the next DJ on the list. In summary, talk to more than one DJ, and select the one who
will provide exactly what you want, and at a fair price. Please feel free to email or call us.
We'd love the opportunity to work with you.